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I'll know our love was meant to be - You don't have to touch somebody to shoot 'em. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
I Wanna Be Rich, Famous, and Powerful

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I'll know our love was meant to be [Oct. 12th, 2006|06:10 pm]
[Caught by . . . |cheerful]

So, Angie is coming to NYC for the summer and that has me TOTALLY psyced up! Angie and me in the citay! woot woot I don't think she's ever had a roomie before or an apt (hopefully, I get one) so it should be fun. Tomorrow is my first day observing at an elementary school and I'm excited. I hope it goes well. 

The 27th, I auditioning for 'Grease'. It's for the TV show 'You're the One that I want' and I SOOO want a call back. Ha, like ALL the people that are going. lol I'm sure I'll be posting me singing a song or two so ya'll can tell me which is best. Then, Charlie is coming to visit. He's was the other assistant at STI this summer and then like a day after he leaves, Dwayne is coming up!! AHHH for Dwayne! I haven't seen him in forever and I miss him so. Then, Mom and Sar come and we're seeing TWS (eeep about Laura), Mary Poppins, and the Rockettes. Then it's Wicked in London for Thanksgiving. November is a BIG month for me. And I KNOW it's gonna be a blast and stressful.  

Type your cut contents here. Rules:
Step 1: Put your MP3 player or whatever on random.
Step 2: Post lyrics for the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.

Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines
come from.
Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.

1. Not a thing I can do, but hold him. Hold him forever. Be with him now, tomorrow and all of my life. (this is a hard one)

2. He used to hold me like a flower. Kiss me oh so slow. bybdwayregalo

3. Do anything that you wanna do, but uh uh honey, lay off of my shoes! by bdwayregalo

4.  I don't seem to mind somehow playing second fiddle now.

5. Older girls tried to get his attention, but it's me he sat with on the train. Still I said to myself, "He's a senior. I mean you're just dreaming, now Jane."

6. Because reason says I should have died three years ago. bdwayregalo

7. When it feels the pain's too much to bear. when you reach out your hand and only the wind is there.

8. Then I dressed his wounds and got him back on his feet. Sing it!  bdwayregalo

9. Well, you look down and your fly is unzipped.

10. Let me watch my loves and my teachers slowly fade away. I'll just have to wait another day. 

11. Your RL, it can change. I know it may sound strange, but what matters is how long is feels like you dated.

12.  He was a singer from Brooklyn, USA. I hear it was special time.  bdwayregalo

13. And now I stand here starry-eyed and stormy. Oh, just when I thought my heart was finally numb. A beautiful young man appears before me singing 'Come!'   bdwayregalo

14. When the notes are sour, where is the power you once had to ignite the air?  bdwayregalo

15. And the streetsinger showed me the life ain't fair. Some people go far and some go nowhere.     bdwayregalo

16. My world is shifting, changing shape. There's nothing left to hold on to.This road's a river; carry me far away from you. 

17. Don't listen to him cause what does he know. We need each other to have to hold. He'll see in time.

18. C'mon everybody take a real deep breath and repeat after me: Lovin' my baby!

19. She looked at me. I was minded my own buisness. She looked at me. And I was taken my surprise. 

20. How can I make you see? Though this feels right to me, now's not the time to be quite where you are.

21. But I look back at the swirling twister. I look back. And I see what nobody sees. And I see.

22. And when we play checkers, I'll let you cheat.  bdwayregalo

23. Are you insane? There's so much to care about. There's me; there's Mimi.   bdwayregalo

24. You've got your crazy's, for Jesus sake. The losers who've got nothin' to loose. Glory!

25. We've got it all, and now we're back to get some more. You know what I mean.


From: bdwayregalo
2006-10-12 11:12 pm (UTC)
2.) Raven- BKLYN
3.) Blue Suede Shoes- Elvis Presley or ASU
6.) Life Support- Rent
8.) Today 4 U- Rent
12.) Love Fell Like Rain- BKLYN
13.) Meadowlark- The Bakers Wife
14.) Rent- Rent
15.) Streetsinger- Rent
22.) Grow old w/ u- Wedding Singer
23.) Goodbye love- Rent
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[User Picture]From: lupayggdrasil
2006-10-13 06:24 am (UTC)
7. love heals RENT

19. the theif's statement/she looked at me SWIWS

24. gloryday SWIWS
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