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tee hee [Nov. 17th, 2006|09:28 pm]
[I wrote a |Tina and TWS]

Okay, I haven't like updated in FOREVER! My last entry was Oct 18, wow almost a month ago. Nothing really going on, but I'll do some points.

* Charlie visited me during Halloween. Had LOADS of fun with Jules, Jane, and him at the Halloween Parade. :) I hope he moves to NYC, for his sake. He just needs to be in the city.

*Dwayne (eeee) visited me two weeks ago. I hadn't seen in him almost 2 years and we had an amazing time. Saw 'Rent', NYC 'Opera Cosi Fon Tutti', and 2nd acted 'Wedding Singer' cause Tina was in it. Also sat next to Jennifer Ehle (squee!) on the subway. No I didn't talk to her but Dwayne did. We also happened to be in an empty subway car and totally did the whole Santa Fe "swing around the pole "from the Rent movie.

*Mom and Sar visited last weekend. We saw "Mary Poppins", "Tarzan", "Weddin Singer", and "The Rockettes". MP was an amazing show and I FINALLY got to meet Rebecca Luker, who was the first person I ever saw/idolized on Broadway. Tarzan was good except we could barely see. Tina was in TWS so all was right with the world and Mom/Sar loved it. Took Julia to see the Rockettes with us. It's always a fun show.

*Looking at apartments for the summer and fall. I just don't wanna live in a dorm any more. I can't STAND walking to the kitchen to cook and having a freakin' roommate who doesn't acknowldge that I exisit. grrr

*Am IN LOVE with PS 29, a school I'm observing at. It's love. I HAVE to teach there. 

*Bklyn College is going well. I like all my classes and profs. Haven't really made any friends there or in the dorms. boooo! No one is freakin' social.

*Still lovin' the Tina.How can I not?

*Finally getting excited about London. I leave Tuesday and it's seeping in. Maybe not so much seeing Idina, but being alone in a foreign country for the first time, exciting and scary. I know I'm gonna have a blast!