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Back from a jolly good time in London - You don't have to touch somebody to shoot 'em. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Back from a jolly good time in London [Nov. 27th, 2006|10:24 pm]
So, London was everything and more. I had a great time. Um, let's see. The weather, though predicted to rain the WHOLE time, was surprisingly sunny. :) woo Even though I'd been to London 2 times before, I couldn't help but do the touristly thing like Buckingham and the Tower. I really liked walking through Hyde Park and Kensington Park. It's so gorgous and you can just feel the history everywhere. I got a tube pass, but I must have walked everywhere. My legs/calves hurt so much and the crappy bed I had didn't help. 

Wicked: Now I knew on Tuesday when I left that Idina was sick and I had a funny feeling that she was going to be out when I saw it Thursday night. I get to the theatre and see the notice "Elphaba will be played by Miss Kerry Ellis". I was a little sad, but you know what? I realized a while ago that Wicked isn't my life anymore. I will always have a place in my heart of Idina, but she doesn't consume my life anymore. Also, SWIWS was my FAV Idina show. Miss Kerry Ellis is the ONLY Elphaba for me! Can I not tell you how much she rocked? Man, was she good. She could hit some amazing notes. She is def going to one amazing Elphaba when Idina leaves. Plus, she's such a sweet heart at the stage door. Totally like grabbed me when I told her I came from NY to see Idina, but was blown away by her.

Thanks to my good friend Jess, I went to see 'We Will Rock You' on her recomendation. She lived in London for the summer and saw it 6 times. I was going to see 'Billy Elliot' but she said it was worse than 'Lestst' and since we saw 'Lestat' together, I trust her judgement. It's a good thing I did too cause I have my new obsession! I saw the show twice when I was there and I was only there 4 days. :) It has music by Queen and a weird quirky litle storyline. And DAMN! can the people in there sing their butts off! Even after walking around London and my feet hurting like the dickens, I still managed to do standing room both nights. Ah live theatre.

Had some good food too. I must say, I LOVE their grocery stores and convienent stores aka Boots. They all sell amazing sandwiches with yummy fillings like brie and crandberry, chicken tikka, and ham and pickles. SOOO good. I also LOVE fish and chips from Harry Ramsden. I ate it twice when I was there. You just don't get good fish and chips here in the States. Yummy pub food too. Bangers and mash. yum yum.

Even though  the tubes are hard to manage and really hot, I love them. So much cuter than ours and comfier.  I also like the Oyster card when you just tap it and you get in instead of having swip. Very nice. 

I miss London already and I really enjoyed being on my own. It made me feel like an adult and it was kinda cool. I want to travel the world now, but I must admit it was nice to come home.