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Things happen for a reason [Jan. 31st, 2007|04:54 pm]
So school started on Monday. I like all my classes. Today, at Jane's urging, I went in to BC and found out the Math class I"m in I don't need to take cause it's similar to one I took at USF. That made me happy so I switched into another Math class (math for elementary teachers) which I hope will be easier and maybe fun. ha I really like all my ed classes and it's nice that many of the kids are in all of my classes. My Teaching the Creative Arts is like being in elementary school art class again. We're going to earn how to teach/incorporate drama, music and art into our classrooms. The prof is focusing on art cause it's easy and for 2 out of the 4 hours we fool around with paper, paint, and clay. It'll be fun! Then I have Psycology and Education and society. they're kinda joint classes and they should be interesting. All of the fieldwork I have to do the teachers organize, which make it nice on me. I don't have to spend all that time calling school again. Woo. I don't have school this monday and on next Thursday I'm seeing the last part of Coast of Utopia. I so love that show. Life is good in the big apple.

[User Picture]From: coberincheese
2007-02-01 01:23 am (UTC)
"and Erin bought a plane ticket and is visiting me in a month!"
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