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wowza [Apr. 29th, 2007|12:13 am]
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So much as happened. I haven't had my computer in almost a month due to stupid Curcuit City and them taking forver to fix it. Anywho, for Spring Break, I went with 2 of my girl friends to Toronto and Niagara Falls. Toronto is the most amazing place in the world. It's like a foreign country (it is duh) but very similar to the US. I've decided that I want to live there. Niagara Falls is gorgous. I posted all my pics on facebook if you want to see them. The reason we all went to TO is because of the glorious musical 'We Will Rock You', which I saw in London. It's truly phenominal and it better come to Broadway. I have a feeling the 3 of us will be going up there again soon for a long weekend. :)

Second, my friend Julia and I got out first NYC apartment. We're living in Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn. It's a real quant neighborhood with lots of flavor. We got a 2 bedroom with a huge living room and kitchen. I can't wait to start living there so everyone come visit me!!! We have mucho space.

Finals are coming up soon and I'm excited for school to be over, though I'm going to be so bored during the summer. The first week in June I'm off to Ireland with my mum. I can't WAIT for that. It's gonna be sooo much fun. Then it's work work work at Starbucks. That's pretty much my life.

[User Picture]From: coberincheese
2007-04-30 02:15 am (UTC)
and Erin coming to visit!! where is carroll gardens?
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[User Picture]From: broadwaynyc
2007-04-30 07:15 pm (UTC)
Yes, Erin coming to visit is a HUGE part!!!! Carroll Gardens is about 2 neighborhood over from Bklyn Heights. It's an Italian neighborhood and right near a canal. It seems pretty cool; artsy and has a good personality. You'll like it, plus the apt has majory more room than any place I've been in in NYC!
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2011-01-27 09:42 am (UTC)


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