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wowza [Apr. 29th, 2007|12:13 am]
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So much as happened. I haven't had my computer in almost a month due to stupid Curcuit City and them taking forver to fix it. Anywho, for Spring Break, I went with 2 of my girl friends to Toronto and Niagara Falls. Toronto is the most amazing place in the world. It's like a foreign country (it is duh) but very similar to the US. I've decided that I want to live there. Niagara Falls is gorgous. I posted all my pics on facebook if you want to see them. The reason we all went to TO is because of the glorious musical 'We Will Rock You', which I saw in London. It's truly phenominal and it better come to Broadway. I have a feeling the 3 of us will be going up there again soon for a long weekend. :)

Second, my friend Julia and I got out first NYC apartment. We're living in Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn. It's a real quant neighborhood with lots of flavor. We got a 2 bedroom with a huge living room and kitchen. I can't wait to start living there so everyone come visit me!!! We have mucho space.

Finals are coming up soon and I'm excited for school to be over, though I'm going to be so bored during the summer. The first week in June I'm off to Ireland with my mum. I can't WAIT for that. It's gonna be sooo much fun. Then it's work work work at Starbucks. That's pretty much my life.
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For Erin! :) [Mar. 13th, 2007|11:03 pm]

This post is for Erin cause she says all of her friend's pages are boring. lol So Erin was here this weekend and we had a load of fun as usual. 3 shows- Beauty and the Beast (eh, getting old. hullo, it's been on Bway for more than 10 years and stupid Steve Blanchard aka the Beast has been in it almost that long. Get a life dude. Belle kicked some butt on 'A Change in Me' but other wise was very blah. Show still gets me at the end when the Beast changes and Belle comes out in the dress. Ah love) Spelling Bee (which had Erin cracking up. hee hee it's such a funny show) and The Color Purple (which we saw with my work friend Margaret. I think we all cried at one point. Such a moving show and Fantasia is going to ruin it) 

We ate at nummy Orchid before Spelling Bee. Mmmmmm curried goat and jerk chicken=heaven. Too bad we had to like eat in 15 sec flat. Carmine's last night with Adrienne. What is NYC without Carmine's? Nothing. Best Italian food on the planet and I still have tiramasu left over. mmmmmmm yum

Erin bought 2 purses in Chinatown for cheapo. It's always fun down there. We have a blast together. I'm so glad that she came up. She's really the only real friend I keep in touch with in Florida. Well, her and Dwayne but I don't talk to him that much. Erin has known me since freshman year and we've watched each other "grow up". I couldn't ask for a better friend.

So, exciting new. Jonathan Crombie (if any of you know the Anne of Green Gables movies, he played Gilbert Blythe) is coming to Broadway for about 4 weeks to be the man in the chair for Drowsy Chaperone. OMG this man is so hot. Hullo, Gilbert Blythe and Mr Darcy are my dream men, so of course I drool over the actors who played them. I MUST see the show with him in it and meet him. Maybe I can get him to call me "Carrots"! hee hee. Aww this is the reason why I live in NYC.

Spring break I'm going to Toronto and Niagara Falls for about 5 days. I'm in Toronto for 2 days, then a day at Niagara Falls and then back to Toronto where I'm meeting up with my friend Jess and her friend Dori. We're seeing We Will Rock You! It's the reason why we're going to Toronto. It's an amazing musical Jess made to go see while I was in London (she became obsessed with it during her summer abroad) and she, in turn, made me obsessed with it. I saw it 2 times out of the 4 days I was on London. We're both hoping that they don't change that much and that it comes to Broadway! woot woot

I also ended a very close friendship. It was hard. I really miss her, but I think it was for the best. I hope one day she'll understand why I did it. Maybe we'll eventually renew our friendship. I have 2nd thoughts all the time and I wish that I hadn't done it, but she needed to hear what I had to say. She didn't like it, but I think she knew I was right. She's actually changing her life and I'd like to believe it's because of me.

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Things happen for a reason [Jan. 31st, 2007|04:54 pm]
So school started on Monday. I like all my classes. Today, at Jane's urging, I went in to BC and found out the Math class I"m in I don't need to take cause it's similar to one I took at USF. That made me happy so I switched into another Math class (math for elementary teachers) which I hope will be easier and maybe fun. ha I really like all my ed classes and it's nice that many of the kids are in all of my classes. My Teaching the Creative Arts is like being in elementary school art class again. We're going to earn how to teach/incorporate drama, music and art into our classrooms. The prof is focusing on art cause it's easy and for 2 out of the 4 hours we fool around with paper, paint, and clay. It'll be fun! Then I have Psycology and Education and society. they're kinda joint classes and they should be interesting. All of the fieldwork I have to do the teachers organize, which make it nice on me. I don't have to spend all that time calling school again. Woo. I don't have school this monday and on next Thursday I'm seeing the last part of Coast of Utopia. I so love that show. Life is good in the big apple.
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eeep [Jan. 19th, 2007|10:51 am]
Merely comment, and I will:
1) Tell you why I friended you
2) Associate you with a song/movie
3) Tell a random fact about you
4) Tell a first memory about you
5) Associate you with an animal/fruit
6) Ask something I've always wanted to know about you
7) In retort, you MUST spread this disease in your LJ
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website help! [Jan. 6th, 2007|11:25 pm]

Okay guys, I'm making a website for my favorite actress Tina Maddigan and I need help on the coding/html stuff. Does anyone know someone who can help? My site is on GeoCities and is a paid account. I need help with making the background not repeat/pattern, someone who knows how to do image mapping and know how to make a scrolling thing so I can write a lot of text and page scrolls and doesn't have like a gagillion backgrounds. I know what I'm asking prolly isn't that hard, but I'm so dumb at this kind of stuff. I have someone trying to help me, but she has a lot of stuff to do and I really want to get this done ASAP. I've been working on it a while and i just have these litte things to do and then it's ready to hit the web. There is already another Tina website out there (stupid guy even stole my name, but just added .net so it's different) and I really want to get mine up before others start to pop up. Any help would be great. I'm even willing to pay. :) Thanks guys.

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Back from a jolly good time in London [Nov. 27th, 2006|10:24 pm]
So, London was everything and more. I had a great time. Um, let's see. The weather, though predicted to rain the WHOLE time, was surprisingly sunny. :) woo Even though I'd been to London 2 times before, I couldn't help but do the touristly thing like Buckingham and the Tower. I really liked walking through Hyde Park and Kensington Park. It's so gorgous and you can just feel the history everywhere. I got a tube pass, but I must have walked everywhere. My legs/calves hurt so much and the crappy bed I had didn't help. 

Wicked: Now I knew on Tuesday when I left that Idina was sick and I had a funny feeling that she was going to be out when I saw it Thursday night. I get to the theatre and see the notice "Elphaba will be played by Miss Kerry Ellis". I was a little sad, but you know what? I realized a while ago that Wicked isn't my life anymore. I will always have a place in my heart of Idina, but she doesn't consume my life anymore. Also, SWIWS was my FAV Idina show. Miss Kerry Ellis is the ONLY Elphaba for me! Can I not tell you how much she rocked? Man, was she good. She could hit some amazing notes. She is def going to one amazing Elphaba when Idina leaves. Plus, she's such a sweet heart at the stage door. Totally like grabbed me when I told her I came from NY to see Idina, but was blown away by her.

Thanks to my good friend Jess, I went to see 'We Will Rock You' on her recomendation. She lived in London for the summer and saw it 6 times. I was going to see 'Billy Elliot' but she said it was worse than 'Lestst' and since we saw 'Lestat' together, I trust her judgement. It's a good thing I did too cause I have my new obsession! I saw the show twice when I was there and I was only there 4 days. :) It has music by Queen and a weird quirky litle storyline. And DAMN! can the people in there sing their butts off! Even after walking around London and my feet hurting like the dickens, I still managed to do standing room both nights. Ah live theatre.

Had some good food too. I must say, I LOVE their grocery stores and convienent stores aka Boots. They all sell amazing sandwiches with yummy fillings like brie and crandberry, chicken tikka, and ham and pickles. SOOO good. I also LOVE fish and chips from Harry Ramsden. I ate it twice when I was there. You just don't get good fish and chips here in the States. Yummy pub food too. Bangers and mash. yum yum.

Even though  the tubes are hard to manage and really hot, I love them. So much cuter than ours and comfier.  I also like the Oyster card when you just tap it and you get in instead of having swip. Very nice. 

I miss London already and I really enjoyed being on my own. It made me feel like an adult and it was kinda cool. I want to travel the world now, but I must admit it was nice to come home.
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tee hee [Nov. 17th, 2006|09:28 pm]
[I wrote a |Tina and TWS]

Okay, I haven't like updated in FOREVER! My last entry was Oct 18, wow almost a month ago. Nothing really going on, but I'll do some points.

* Charlie visited me during Halloween. Had LOADS of fun with Jules, Jane, and him at the Halloween Parade. :) I hope he moves to NYC, for his sake. He just needs to be in the city.

*Dwayne (eeee) visited me two weeks ago. I hadn't seen in him almost 2 years and we had an amazing time. Saw 'Rent', NYC 'Opera Cosi Fon Tutti', and 2nd acted 'Wedding Singer' cause Tina was in it. Also sat next to Jennifer Ehle (squee!) on the subway. No I didn't talk to her but Dwayne did. We also happened to be in an empty subway car and totally did the whole Santa Fe "swing around the pole "from the Rent movie.

*Mom and Sar visited last weekend. We saw "Mary Poppins", "Tarzan", "Weddin Singer", and "The Rockettes". MP was an amazing show and I FINALLY got to meet Rebecca Luker, who was the first person I ever saw/idolized on Broadway. Tarzan was good except we could barely see. Tina was in TWS so all was right with the world and Mom/Sar loved it. Took Julia to see the Rockettes with us. It's always a fun show.

*Looking at apartments for the summer and fall. I just don't wanna live in a dorm any more. I can't STAND walking to the kitchen to cook and having a freakin' roommate who doesn't acknowldge that I exisit. grrr

*Am IN LOVE with PS 29, a school I'm observing at. It's love. I HAVE to teach there. 

*Bklyn College is going well. I like all my classes and profs. Haven't really made any friends there or in the dorms. boooo! No one is freakin' social.

*Still lovin' the Tina.How can I not?

*Finally getting excited about London. I leave Tuesday and it's seeping in. Maybe not so much seeing Idina, but being alone in a foreign country for the first time, exciting and scary. I know I'm gonna have a blast!

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withdrawls [Oct. 18th, 2006|11:24 pm]
[Caught by . . . |depressed]

Okay, like for almost 3 years I was OBSESSED with Wicked. I mean, I quoted things none stop, made freakin' t shirts, dolls for the cast members, ect. Now, my obsession is pretty much, well, not gone, but very small. It's kinda transfered to just being Idina. Now I saw Wicked about 7 times over 3 years, listened to the CD nonstop that even my freshman roomates knew the words.I don't think I could really go crazy cause I was in Florida. With The Wedding Singer, I wouldn't say that I'm THAT obsessed. I mean, I don't make t shirts, or dolls; I don't quote, hmmm scratch that, I do occationally. :) I've seen the show like 8 times in 3 months. And the last time I saw it was Sept 29, a few days before Tina's last performance. I mean, yah, I KNOW it's still playing and I can go see it whenever I want, but I don't want to see it with HER in it (aka Lauran Benanti) I don't think I'm as much going through Wedding Singer withdrawls as Tina withdrawls. Just hearing her sing make me want to see it again SOOOO bad.  It's horrid. I'm actually scared to go see it when my mom and sister come. I'm temped to tell them "It's okay if you don't like the show. It's just not good without Tina. Just kinda zone out when Laura is on stage and watch Steven." I saw Laura once and I just didn't care for her. She doesn't seem like she's having fun, looks too old, and is boring. Tina NEEDS to play Julia so I can go see it again. Jane says being addicted to Wedding Singer is better than being addicted to crack, but at least with crack you get relief. lol I don't. tee hee  Jane and I just need to go tell Laura to break a leg literally and push her down the stairs lol. I know a few people woudl help me too! Ah, life just isn't fair.
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I'll know our love was meant to be [Oct. 12th, 2006|06:10 pm]
[Caught by . . . |cheerful]

So, Angie is coming to NYC for the summer and that has me TOTALLY psyced up! Angie and me in the citay! woot woot I don't think she's ever had a roomie before or an apt (hopefully, I get one) so it should be fun. Tomorrow is my first day observing at an elementary school and I'm excited. I hope it goes well. 

The 27th, I auditioning for 'Grease'. It's for the TV show 'You're the One that I want' and I SOOO want a call back. Ha, like ALL the people that are going. lol I'm sure I'll be posting me singing a song or two so ya'll can tell me which is best. Then, Charlie is coming to visit. He's was the other assistant at STI this summer and then like a day after he leaves, Dwayne is coming up!! AHHH for Dwayne! I haven't seen him in forever and I miss him so. Then, Mom and Sar come and we're seeing TWS (eeep about Laura), Mary Poppins, and the Rockettes. Then it's Wicked in London for Thanksgiving. November is a BIG month for me. And I KNOW it's gonna be a blast and stressful.  

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Summer in NYC [Oct. 9th, 2006|08:53 pm]
[the one that you want is right in front of your . . . |home in the heights]
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So Sarah called and said that Angie, my BFF, said that this was her last year teaching at MHS. That makes me sad. She said she really want to teach elementary school. BUT!!!!!!! She's moving to NYC for the summer! That's right folks! Amy and Angie are gonna be together for a summer. I'm so excited, estatic is more like it. I'm like on cloud nine right now. It's always been a dream of hers and now it's coming true. It helps when you know someone in the city. So, now I really want to get an apartment and a kitty. I think Adrienne might live with me during the year and I've had 2 people from STI ask if I needed a roomie for the summer. And Angie is a DEF yes! And Angie assured me that this was for real. I know she's backed out on me before so it better be true. This weeks just rocks. I get a great email from Tina and now this! woot woot!
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